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Chicken Salad / Chickpea Salad Sandwich

GOOD EVENING little birds! We’re making chicken salad and its vegan counterpart, chickpea salad sandwiches. The Vicomtesse knew that the “recipe” for a chicken salad sandwich would be trivial, so I glanced at a few and put something together on my own with a heavy dose of flat-leaf parsely & yellow onion.

The star of the show was obviously the chicken. I wasn’t quite sure what chicken to buy, and I’m so so so pleased I ended up choosing boneless skinless chicken thighs from New Seasons. Y’all, I don’t know what love they massage the chickens with when they’re peckin’ around the henyard, but their chicken is so friggin’ delicious that I’m pretty sure they must. I didn’t want to deal with the cooking time of bones nor the discarded fat, but I knew I wanted the flavor of awesome chicken thighs instead of the stupid, overinflated, medically-specious chicken breasts.

At Luc Lac, the Vietnamese restaurant and lunch bar that gets great press around here, they serve a chicken salad that they shred instead of chop, and I thought the texture was terrific, so I did that here too:


Isn’t that gorgeous?  So, three spatchcocked, boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cooked at 375F for 40m, scored, salted & peppered in a glass dish with just a little bit of oil.  Then I shredded it, and added about half a cup of shredded parsely & about the same of preeeetty finely chopped yellow onion, and a little less than a tablespoon of Best Foods mayo (the only mayonnaise, by the way.  the only mayonnaise.  the only mayonnaise.).


I waffled a bit then on a few things, first, mayo on the sandwich even though it’s in the mix?  Ended up going with a thin layer on either slice which ended up being the right decision.  The other was whether or not to add salad greens & we ended up nixing ’em.  LOOK HOW PRETTY:



OH HELLO THERE, THE VICOMTESSE LEFT HER KEYBOARD ON CAPS LOCK AND NOW I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT CHICKPEA SALAD.  Sorry but I cannot resist a good capslocktunity.  Shut up, it is too a thing!

For this very tasty chickpea salad, I used [Smitten Kitchen’s recipe](http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2009/01/smashed-chickpea-salad/)!  We love Smitten Kitchen around these parts.  Buy her book, it is great! In essence the recipe calls for a can of ‘bonzos, some thinly sliced black olives (we used Kalamata, the workhorse of the black olive world), some red onion diced finely, lemon zest and lemon juice, and parsley.  Smush it a little bit and add a couple of “glugs” of olive oil.


I followed the SK recipe to the letter EXCEPT that I doubled the amount of olives and quadrupled (!!!! [one for each uple!]) the amount of onion.  (The original recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of onion which is just madness.)

We added some tasty roasted red peppers and a schmear of hummus to trusty Dave’s Killer Bread, and that’s about that!

This sandwich was a VERY GOOD everyday sandwich.


I spent roughly $16 for all ingredients including the loaf of bread and red peppers, and we made three sandwiches and there is an ample amount left over for more sandwiches.  You easily could get a bunch of weekday lunches out of this.  (And, I know we are a sandwich blog, so shhh…don’t tell anyone I’m telling you this, but…you could also put this on a….salad, like one made out of lettuce.)


Anywho, delicious, nutritious, economical – I’m a fan.

Do you immediately want another of th(is/ese) sandwich(es)?

We each had two servings :}

Banh Mi

Ah, the Banh Mi.  We decided to outsource this one and go to a restaurant that the Vicomtesse and I were already acquainted with.  Best Baguette.  It’s not just a clever name.

One of the Banh Mi’s many virtues is that it is HELLA cheap.  A generously sized baguette stuffed with all manner of delicious pork-based meats, topped with daikon, carrot, jalapeno, cilantro, and mayonnaise is like $2.50. (we love us some mayonnaise)


Please, no predictions necessary.  We knew this was going to be amazing. 100% certain.  And we were not wrong…oh no.


Well, in this case, there was no preparation as we are incapable of making a Banh Mi as delicious as the $4 ones that Best Baguette offers.  They bake their bread hourly, people, holy. crap. so. good.

The Vicomtesse ordered a pork meatball variety, and I opted for the house special with Vietnamese Ham and Pate and probably some other stuff (because I fear no organ meats).  We both loaded up on the cilantro and jalapenos.

Accompanied by some delicious iced coffees, this really was an ideal dinner.  And so economical!  I mean, look at how substantial this sandwich is:


Needless to say, they went quickly.

We left sated, and with mouths aflame from the jalapenos.


V: Perfect and magical.

E: What she said.

Final Question: Do you immediately want to eat another of this sandwich?


Sandwiches We Have Known And Loved (Part I)

Hello all,

I am hereby instituting a regular feature (although I haven’t run this by the Vicomtesse, I expect she will be on board).  Though “Sandwich Club” is itself limited to the challenge of consuming and ranking ONLY the sandwiches on the Wikipedia list, we are, as it were, TOTAL SANDWICH GENIUSES, and sometimes (well, oftentimes) we create a sandwich too magical not to be shared with our four regular readers (hi Mom!).

So this evening, I worked late, which is a thing that happens a lot to me (in addition to being a sandwichaholic, I am also something of a workaholic).  Despite having been fed at work, I came home wired and ravenous.  And then I made this:

This is an open-faced chicken salad sandwich.  The chicken salad is made with homemade spring garlic mayonnaise.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! You guys, you never have to buy mayonnaise, homemade mayo is so, so, so easy. SRSLY, do not buy mayonnaise ever again: New York Times’ recipe for homemade mayonnaise.  I would say it took me all of three minutes to make this mayo.  And, you can add WHATEVS to this, for example, I used a few cloves of spring garlic.

I then topped it all with a few slices of avocado and red onion.

And there, folks, you have your first installment of Sandwiches We Have Known And Loved.

Inaugural Club Sandwich Sandwich Club post!

Hello you gorgeous, beautiful, crazy mixed-up world.

Today, we (you and I [{we}, both in the royal sense of the word ‘we’ and in the sense that there are two of us involved]) embark on a glorious adventure, a glorious SANDWICH-BASED adventure, which I [you and us {we}] posit is the finest possible culinary adventure available to two brilliant, attractive, sparkling women.

Her Eminence of the Italian Deli and the Vicomtesse de Bacon Lettuce Tomato are here to experience every sandwich on Wikipedia’s List Of Sandwiches.  Being adventurous and sandwich-appreciating ladies, we expect to love them all.  We’ll update approximately once per week with pictures and reaction shots.

Come, men and women!  Join us as we sail the tumultuous seas of mayonnaise (ew) and tasty hopes!  Come aboard the SS Delicious Delights!