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YES. YES! YES? YES. It is grilled cheese day, my friends.  Who among us does not love grilled cheese? Those melty, melty, magical, magic melts… Think about the first time you ever had one. I bet YOU CAN’T, because if you are like me, you grew up eating grilled cheeses for lunch and dinner when your loving parent either 1) did not have the time to make you a proper meal with actual vegetables, or 2) badly wanted an excuse to eat their own grilled cheese.

(Although, I did once teach a group of English students about grilled cheeses when I was studying abroad during college and ate a grilled cheese and ham sandwich every. single. night. (because metabolism).  They loved them but insisted upon calling them “cheese grills” no matter how persistently they were corrected. An English cheese sandwich, for the record, is bread, butter, cheese, and pickles and they are also delicious.)

Join us as we prepare the ultimate comfort-sandwich.


We have heard from some new readers that it would be helpful to post recipes.  Although this is excellent feedback and we will start doing so, it is interesting indeed that we will start this with the grilled cheese: a sandwich that most people know how to make straight out of the womb.  But I will share with you my proven grilled cheese method.

Proven Grilled Cheese Method:

Makes 2 Sandwiches – for you and a friend, or just for you if you’re extra hungry

Four slices good quality bread – we used Como bread from Grand Central Bakery

4-5 ounces cheddar cheese, grated

Whipped butter

Optional (but not really…)

Tomato soup

Use high quality bread and high quality cheese.  Grate the cheese for extra meltability.

Butter the outer sides of the bread liberally.

Assemble the sandwiches by placing roughly half the cheese on each (approximately an handful’s worth [ed. note: 2oz should suffice]).

Heat a skillet on high, cast iron works superbly, and put a sandwich butter-side down on the heated skillet.

Hover over it with drool streaming down your face.

After you think the bread has toasted to your liking, flip the sandwich and press down on it with the spatula.  This probably accomplishes nothing but it makes it seem like it’s cooking faster.

Put on a plate and serve with tomato soup (or ketchup, or both).



Perfect. Duh.

Do you immediately want another of this sandwich?

Yes, for taste reasons. But it is important to note that with the soup this is a complete meal. There are so many variations as well.  Any kind of cheese, any kind of bread.  Add a slice of ham or a slice of tomato.  One of my personal favorites is a grilled cheese and avocado! The limitless possibilities, economy, and of course, the deliciousness of the cheese sandwich make it an undeniable classic.

Sandwiches We Have Known And Loved, Part TWO!

Well, friends, lovers, sandwich enthusiasts, I have only just finished up my school term, and am now able to share with you the beautiful sandwich that I made for myself in lieu of a Sadness Sandwich* when returning to my home at approximately 2:30am, some weeknight last week.

This is the Peanut Butter and Strawberry sandwich. Oh my god, everything is right, here. I love a classic PB&J, but even with the more actual-fruit brands, it’s often still like eating a snickers bar in terms of sugar. I ain’t need that, friends.  Candy is for children.

Here, then, is the Vicomtesse’s brilliant variation: rather than jam, use actual strawberries.

And to answer to the lack of “wetness” that jam offers, oh, here is where it gets so incredibly good. BUTTER THE BREAD. Don’t be stingy. Really get into it. I prefer fancy unsalted European-style butter, but that’s probably just because I don’t have a mortgage.

I also add just a pinch of salt and sugar (salger?) since jam usually has a fair amount of both, and if you care about this kind of thing, you can bet the extremely small amount of sodium/sweet (seriously, just a pinch) you have added will be WAY less than what is contained in even a decent jar of jam.

Do I immediately want another?  Yes.  So I made one.  And it was awesome.


*A Sadness Sandwich is a subway(tm) sandwich, eaten quickly (“bolted,” you could even say), by oneself, sober, at three in the morning.