Sandwiches We Have Known And Loved (Part I)

Hello all,

I am hereby instituting a regular feature (although I haven’t run this by the Vicomtesse, I expect she will be on board).  Though “Sandwich Club” is itself limited to the challenge of consuming and ranking ONLY the sandwiches on the Wikipedia list, we are, as it were, TOTAL SANDWICH GENIUSES, and sometimes (well, oftentimes) we create a sandwich too magical not to be shared with our four regular readers (hi Mom!).

So this evening, I worked late, which is a thing that happens a lot to me (in addition to being a sandwichaholic, I am also something of a workaholic).  Despite having been fed at work, I came home wired and ravenous.  And then I made this:

This is an open-faced chicken salad sandwich.  The chicken salad is made with homemade spring garlic mayonnaise.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! You guys, you never have to buy mayonnaise, homemade mayo is so, so, so easy. SRSLY, do not buy mayonnaise ever again: New York Times’ recipe for homemade mayonnaise.  I would say it took me all of three minutes to make this mayo.  And, you can add WHATEVS to this, for example, I used a few cloves of spring garlic.

I then topped it all with a few slices of avocado and red onion.

And there, folks, you have your first installment of Sandwiches We Have Known And Loved.


3 thoughts on “Sandwiches We Have Known And Loved (Part I)

  1. So proud of you, this looks amazing. It gives my hummus, roasted pepper and arugula sandwich a run for the money.

  2. I am loving sandwich club!

    Mayonnaise pro tip – food processors generally have a little cup with a hole in the bottom incorporated into their lids for the exact purpose of drizzling oil into your proto-mayo. Maybe I’m slow, but learning this made me a million times more likely to actually make mayo.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Her Eminence is definitely the more likely mayo-maker, as I am EXTREMELY happy with Hellmann’s/Best, but I know I’ll try it one day! Maybe for CSSC we’ll put it on a sandwich we make one day!

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