The Bacon Sandwich

Well my dear friends, we have just consumed the first sandwich on our epic tour through sandwichdom and it was the classic Bacon Sandwich.  We chose to go real simple with this one, just bacon, bread, butter, and ketchup and A1 (we could not find HP sauce [which stands for House of Parliment, which as rulers of sandwichdom the Vicomtesse and Her Eminence find pleasing]).  This is a very British sandwich, known alternately as a Butty, Sarnie, or Sanger (Margaret?) depending on which British Isle you are upon.


We thought it would at least taste like bacon, and so therefore it would be a safe bet; a rather amateur sandwich.  The Vicomtesse was a bit concerned about the lack of HP sauce at our local grocering location.  Her Eminence was stuck at the office during said grocering and seriously could not have cared less about the Vicomtesse’s concerns.  There was a phone call.    Her opinion was made known. Consequently, A1 sauce was purchased.  


Uh, fry some bacon? That’s kind of the whole thing about this sandwich.

But then we toasted bread, which was of the Dave’s Killer variety.  We then buttered the bread.  And then, the Vicomtesse made a delightful blend of ketchup (Portland Ketchup Co because blegh to that Heinz crap) and the A1, which the Vicomtesse noted was typically reserved (in her childhood home at least) for the “cheap steaks”.

Combine and serve.  BLAMMO!


V: I found the texture delightful, but that is in part due to the high quality of bacon that we purchased [ed note: only the best for sandwich royalty].  The sauce is really good.  The acidity of the A1 combined with the tomatosity of the awesome ketchup was a perfect complement to the fatty bacon and butter.  I really liked it.

E: I was underwhelmed by the sandwich, which in a million, billion years I never expected.  The sauce was indeed incredible, but I thought it drowned out the bacon flavor.  [ed note: Vicomtesse agrees that the sauce drowned out the bacon a bit].  It’s not like it was bad, it’s just that I wanted it to be better.  HOWEVER I HAVE NO REGRETS. 

Final Question: Do you immediately want to eat another of this sandwich?

V: Yes.

E: No. But I will note for the record that I am still hungry. 


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