Inaugural Club Sandwich Sandwich Club post!

Hello you gorgeous, beautiful, crazy mixed-up world.

Today, we (you and I [{we}, both in the royal sense of the word ‘we’ and in the sense that there are two of us involved]) embark on a glorious adventure, a glorious SANDWICH-BASED adventure, which I [you and us {we}] posit is the finest possible culinary adventure available to two brilliant, attractive, sparkling women.

Her Eminence of the Italian Deli and the Vicomtesse de Bacon Lettuce Tomato are here to experience every sandwich on Wikipedia’s List Of Sandwiches.  Being adventurous and sandwich-appreciating ladies, we expect to love them all.  We’ll update approximately once per week with pictures and reaction shots.

Come, men and women!  Join us as we sail the tumultuous seas of mayonnaise (ew) and tasty hopes!  Come aboard the SS Delicious Delights!




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